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Unger | nLite Solar Radius Brush | NL40Y

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Looking for a water fed brush with bristles designed to clean solar panels?

This superlight Unger nLite Solar Radius Brush has hard wearing, solvent resistant polyester bristles designed to get into the smallest corner and remove even the most stubborn dirt.

The unflagged single strands are ideal for efficient cleaning of the solar panel surfaces.

Whereas conventional brushes usually only have two jets, the Unger nLite Solar Radius Brush features up to twelve quick release Jets, making it much easier to control the water flow and rinse surfaces.

The cutting edge engineering of body of the nLite Brush, featuring porous core with smooth solid skin on the outside, ensures structural stability and lighter weight than solid block manufacturing.

The Unger nLite Solar Radius Brush, and subsequently the Jets row, can be rotated by 180° and secured in the new position, using the Brush Socket.

One set of 2 Pencil Jets is included as standard with every Brush.

What size is the Lite Solar Radius Brush?

The Unger nLite Solar Radius Brush is 40cm in length and weighs 579g.


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