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Unger | NiftyNabber Pro | Litter Picker | 97cm | NN900

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Looking for a heavy duty litter picker with a powerful grip?

The Unger NiftyNabber Pro is a heavy duty litter picker with a strong internal metal bar, powerful claws and robust steel shaft.

It has steel claws with molded rubber overlay for an extra-secure grip.

The Unger NiftyNabber Pro has powerful claws that grab hold of small or oddly shaped objects - broken glass, cigarettes or coins.

The claws open up to 15cm wide.

The shaft of the Unger NiftyNabber Pro are made from durable steel with rust resistant coating for dependable use over long time.

It is strong enough for heavy-duty work, light enough to protect from back and arm strain.

The overall steel construction wears well under the rigours of every day use.

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