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Unger | ErgoTec | Essentials | Window Cleaning Kit

Looking for a great window cleaning kit that has all the essential tools for keeping windows clean?

The Unger ErgoTec Essentials Window Cleaning Kit contains a bucket, a washer, a squeegee, scraper, a microfibre cloth and bucket on a belt.

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Why choose an Unger ErgoTec Essentials Window Cleaning Kit?

This great Unger ErgoTec Essentials Window Cleaning Kit contains everything you need to keep windows clean!!

The kit consists of:

1 x Unger 18 litre bucket - Lightweight and easy to handle. Metal handle with plastic enclosure. Includes plastic holder for washer and squeegee.

1 x Unger ErgoTec Washer complete (14"/35cm) - ErgoTec T-Bar (14"/35cm) with water wells for increased water retention. Fits securely to pole with locking cone. Monsoon Sleeve (14"/35cm) with excellent cleaning power. High water retention. Machine washable up to 500 times.

1 x Unger Squeegee Complete (14"/35cm) - Stainless steel ErgoTec Handle with advanced ergonomic design for comfortable use. Fits on an Unger pole. S-Channel with Soft Rubber - Stainless steel channel with variable positioning options.Strong and durable. Easy change of rubber.

1 x Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper (4"/10cm) - Reversible blade with sharp edges. Simple slide blade change, with protective cap for safety. Fits securely to Unger pole with Locking Cone.

1 x Unger Microwipe (40cm x 40cm) - Lint free microfibre cloth. Double sided - course for cleaning and smooth for polishing. Overlock stitch along the edges ensures shape retention. Machine washable up to 500 times

1 x Unger Classic Bucket On A Belt - Durable plastic holder for squeegee, washer and scraper. Ideal for use on ladders, indoors or in narrow spaces. Clip lock for quick fastening.

Please note that the Unger S-Squeegee Handle has been replaced with an Unger ErgoTec Handle

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