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Truvox | Hydromist 55/400 | Spray Extractor


Looking for a spray extractor ideal for large area carpet cleaning in conference centres, hotels and offices?

The Truvox Hydromist 55/400 machine offers a professional and cost-effective solution for cleaning medium to large sized carpeted areas.

What is the Truvox Hydromist 55/400 best suited for?

The Hydromist 55/400 is the professional’s choice of carpet extractors for those tough, large area carpet cleaning jobs.

The combination of an in-line heater and variable spray injection up to 400 psi gives fast and efficient removal of embedded dirt and stains, leaving carpets fresh and clean.

What are the benefits of this commercial carpet extractor?

The benefits of the Truvox Hydromist 55/400 are:

  • Powerful twin 2 stage vacuum motors that provides excellent solution recovery and minimises drying time
  • Heavy duty twin jet stainless steel wand, up to 400psi, for added durability
  • Optional tool for cleaning upholstery and curtains
  • 50 litre solution tank to maximise cleaning capacity
  • 5400 mm water lift
  • 6 metre high pressure hose, up to 400psi, allows for cleaning large areas without moving the machine
  • Integrated loading wheels for easy transportation

Please note: This Hydromist 55/400 machine is supplied with a solution hose, 6 metre vacuum hose and twin jet stainless steel wand.

An upholstery tool can be ordered separately.

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