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Truvox | Cimex-Encap | 48cm Diameter


Looking for a 3-brush carpet cleaning system that can be up to six times more productive than a single disc rotary?

The Truvox Cimex-Encap is a high productivity, cost effective, low moisture carpet cleaning system that can be used for effective carpet cleaning.

The 3 Cimex brushes are contra-rotating which scrub the carpet fibres from all directions – all in a single pass.

This also provides uniform application of the Cimex Encap solution providing a more thorough clean.

The Cimex 3-brush system can be up to six times more productive than a single disc rotary when cleaning carpets.

The Cimex Cyclone is available in two sizes:

CR38 - 38cm diameter

CR48 - 48cm diameter

What is the Truvox Cimex-Encap best suited for?

Either brushes or special pads can be used for the Truvox Cimex Encap:

Brushes are ideal for medium pile carpet. Soft fibres are gentle on the carpet and help to spread the Cimex-Encap solution.

Use pads on low pile carpet.

Cimex-Encap pads provide greater contact area than the brushes.

Greater contact area helps achieve enhanced agitation of the carpet fibres.

Whole pad surface is saturated which ensures even application of Cimex-Encap solution.

A set of pads can clean approximately 800 - 1000m2.

What are the benefits of the Truvox Cimex-Encap?

The benefits of the Truvox Cimex-Encap are:

  • The system features polymer chemistry that encapsulate dirt for cleaner carpets for longer
  • Cleans up to 300 m² per hour
  • Specialised cleaning solution applied using Cimex three-brush scrubbing machine
  • Deep cleaning restores brightness to even heavily soiled carpets
  • Low moisture cleaning so carpets dry quickly
  • No soil attracting residues, which means that carpets stay cleaner for longer
  • Eliminates wicking problems – stains do not appear on the surface as the carpet dries
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