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SYR | Syrtex Changer | Mop Head | 341g


Looking for a mop head with a build in scourer?

The SYR Syrtex Changer Mop Head has a special SYRTEX blended yarn with a looped end.

The mop head is colour coded with a colour coded band.

The SYR Syrtex Changer Mop Head has a built-in scourer scrub pad that removes stubborn dirt and grime.

This mop head can last up to 3 months and is machine washable up to 90 degrees.

The SYR Syrtex Changer Mop Head is 341g.

What mop handle is used with the SYR Syrtex Changer Mop Head?

The SYR Syrtex Changer Mop Head is used with an Interchange Mop Handle such as an SYR Interchange Handle.

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