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SYR | Rapid Mop | Bucketless Mopping System | 993493


Looking for a bucketless, portable mopping system?

The "grab it and go" Rapid Mop is a low cost bucket less flat mopping system.

It is light and mobile, perfect for microfibre flat mops.

The lightweight alloy handle has a 480ml internal reservoir for water or cleaning solution.

Rapid Mop provides controllable moisture to give smear free dry floors.

It is ideal for daytime cleaning in lightly soiled areas.

Rapid Mop has a choice of easy to fit colour rings to colour code to reduce cross contamination.

It is supplied complete with Rapid Mop polypropylene 40cm flat mop frame.

The Rapid Mop works by using the handle of the mop as a cleaning solution reservoir.

A thumb operated button on top of the handle pumps solution forwards out of 3 jets placed just above the pad holder so that the pad can utilise the moisture to clean.

The reservoir is replenished via the removable pump button at the top of the handle.

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