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SYR | Nomad Lite | Battery Scrubber Drier | S0400000

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What is the SYR Nomad Lite?

The SYR Nomad Lite is a powerful scrubber dryer built on a heavy duty stainless steel frame.

It is easy to use and manouvre with 360? controlled inclination and a stable upright position.

The vacuum and squeegee remove dirty water.

The Nomad Lite has 3 scrubbing speeds and up to 1500 recharge cycles on one 36V lithium ion battery.

There are a wide range of brushes and pads available for every surface.

What are the advantages of an SYR Nomad Lite?

The SYR Nomad Lite has:

  • Powerful and effective scrubbing action
  • 360? controlled inclination
  • Easy to use cotrol panel
  • 3 speeds available
  • Up to 60 minutes on high speed
  • 4 hours recharge time
  • 5 litre dirty water tank capacity
  • 3 litre clean water tank capacity
  • 30kg brush pressure
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