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SYR | Lady Mopping Combo | Ladybug | 9 Litre Capacity


Looking for a compact mopping combo and an easy clean, easy fill, moulded plastic bucket?

The SYR Lady Mopping Combo | Ladybug | Mop Bucket and Wringer is the worlds first pick up and go lightweight gear action wringer and bucket in one.

This easy clean, moulded plastic bucket is easy fill and empty with a 9 litre capacity with a dirt sump & dirt grid.

The SYR Ladybug has compact 50mm castors and is colour coded to reduce cross combination.

What size mops are compatible with an SYR Lady Mopping Combo | Ladybug | Mop Bucket & Wringer?

The SYR Lady Mopping Combo | Ladybug is compatible with small Kentucky style mops.

N.B - Please Note, we advise that these buckets should only be used with up to 12oz Kentucky style mop heads.

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