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SYR | Dual Mop | Bucketless Mopping System | S0047000

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Looking for a bucketless mop system to clean and dry your floors?

The Dual Mop is a bucketless mop system with a 480ml internal reservoir in the handle that sprays water ahead of the mop head.

Once the area is cleaned, flip the mop over to dry the floor.

Select which colour coded ring is required and place on the handle.

The simple and effective way to designate your mop to specific colour coded cleaning areas.

Simply unscrew the top and pour in water or cleaning solution into the lightweight handle"s 480ml internal reservoir.

Add the Dual Mop cleaning pad and Dual Mop dryng pad with quick and easy hook and loop attachment.

Thumb operated spray control at the top of the handle directs the spray onto the floor ahead of the Dual Mop as you go.

Flip the head over easily to dry the floor, leaving cleaner, safer floors.

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