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Selden | So Virucidal | Unperfumed Hand Soap | C400




Looking for an unperfumed, virucidal and bactericidal hand soap?

Selden So Virucidal is an undyed and unperfumed soap perfect in catering, food and beverage processing environments.

It is particularly suitable for use in the health sector - hospital, care homes, dentists, physiotherapy, doctors etc.

Selden So Virucidal passes EN1499 in 60 seconds proving this product works in practice in the real world.

It also passed EN14476 in 30 seconds proving So Virucidal kills enveloped viruses.

Selden So Virucidal passes EN1276 in 30 seconds proving this product kills a mixture of commonly occuring bacteria including E coli.

How do you use Selden So Virucidal?

Wet hands, dispense a small amount of soap onto hands.

Wash hands thoroughly, rinse and dry carefully.

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