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Selden | So-System | Dispenser


Looking for a stylish solution for dispensing liquid soaps, shampoos and gels?

The Selden So-System Dispenser is ideal for washrooms, shower areas and restrooms. The neat and stylish solution for dispensing liquid soaps, shampoos and gels.

The Selden So-System Dispenser has:

  • Push-action dispensing
  • Soap level indicator window
  • Refillable soap reservoir
  • Long lasting Viton Seals
  • ABS lockable cover
  • Wall fixing supplied

What size is a Selden So-System Dispenser?

Size 27cm x 14cm x 11cm

What products can be used in a Selden So-System Dispenser?

Selden have products a range of products for use in a Selden So-System  Dispenser:

So Foam - A mild, lightly fragranced, instant-lather foam soap that goes so much further than ordinary lotion soaps in being kind to the hands. Perfect for washrooms everywhere.

So Refreshing 1 Litre - A revitalising shower foam with natural conditioners and neutral pH. Pleasantly perfumed and iseal for hair and body. Leaves no potentially slippery residue on the floor.

So Hygienic 1 Litre - A completely perfume-free, bactericidal high-foaming soap. Rapid rinsing and free of perfume and dye. Suitable for use throughout the food and catering industries.

So Sterile 1 Litre - A quick acting, non-tainting food safe alcohol rub for sanitising hands. Leaves skin dry. non-sticky with no after-odour. Suitable for food processing, catering, hospitality, medical and care service applications.

So Protective 1 Litre - A quick-drying. non-tainting barrier cream that offers full protection in 30 seconds. Neutral pH. Helps prevent dermatitis and includes conditioner to prevent drying skin irritation.

So Hydrating 1 Litre - A non-tainting moisturiser and after-work cream that relieves sore, chapped skin. Contains natural emollients and conditioner to keep skin smooth and supple. Prevents drying skin irritation and dermatitis.

Ecofoam - A rapid foaming soap that is officially accredited with the Ecolabel symbol as a high-quality soap demonstrating maximum kindness to the environment.

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