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Selden | Selstat | Antistatic Metallised Polish | 5 Litre | Case of 2 | A002

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Looking for an antistatic floor polish?

Selden Selstat is a high performance dissipative floor polish.

It retains performance even at humidities as low as 11%.

Selden Selstat independently tested to IEC 61340 - 4 - 1 and BS 7506.

It makes charge dissipate off a standard vinyl floor.

Selstat improves the conductivity of conductive flooring.

It applies, hardens and protects like a normal floor polish.

Selden Selstat is non-slip.

It is ideal for all linoleum, P.V.C., rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors.

N.B. Not suitable for unsealed wood, unsealed cork or laminate flooring.

How do you use Selden Selstat?

Selstat must be applied to a clean grease free floor.

Strip old polish with Selate then rinse thoroughly with clean water, allow floor to dry.

Apply a thin even film of Selstat using a clean lint free mop or applicator.

Apply a second coat when the first is dry (approximately 30 minutes).


60 square metres per litre. Full independent test reports are available on the Selden website.

N.B. Buffing is not recommended as this will reduce the static dissipative property of the polish.


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