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Selden | Selpen S | Heavy Duty Oil & Grease Remover | 5 Litre | F005 | Case of 2

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Looking for a heavy duty grease and oil remover?

Selden Selpen S is a spirit based cleaner.

It removes wax build-up from floors and can be used as an engine and industrial plant cleaner.

Selden Selpen S removes tar and bitumen easily.

Where can you use Selden Selpen S?

Selpen S is ideal for removal of old wax from floors.

It may also be used as a brush or spray on, hose off degreasant for engines and greasy metal parts.

Selden Selpen S also removes oil and diesel spillages from concrete and brick floors.

How do you use Selden Selpen S?

Floor wax removal: Apply Selden Selpen S neat.

Allow to penetrate for ten minutes.

Machine scrub preferably adding water to form an emulsion.

Mop up or suction dry.

Rinse and allow to dry before reapplying wax polish.

Degreasing: Spray on.

Brush if necessary to loosen impacted dirt.

Hose off.

N.B. Selpen S should not be used on solvent sensitive surfaces e.g. thermoplastic or bitumastic.

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