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Selden | Selactive | Washroom Sanitiser, Deodoriser Cleaner | E014

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a washroom sanitiser, deodoriser and cleaner?

Selden Selactive cleans and sanitises all surfaces.

It removes lime scale and kills odour producing bacteria.

Selden Selactive leaves a fresh fragrant atmosphere.

It is independently tested to BS6471 QAP50.

Where can you use Selden Selactive?

Selden Selactive is suitable for the regular cleaning of ceramics, painted surfaces, stainless steel, floors, all non-porous surfaces in hotels, sports complexes, conference centres, institutions etc.

It can be used throughout the washroom on washbasins, mirrors and stainless steel urinals.

It is also suitable for poolside cleaning.

How do you use Selden Selactive

Dilute Selactive 1 part to 40 parts warm or cold water for cleaning walls, floors, worktops etc.

Use neat for limescale removal on toilets, urinals and poolsides.

Brush and rinse off.

Apply Selden Selactive to cleaning cloth and wipe away scale and body fats in showers and sinks, then rinse off with water.

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