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Selden | Glaze | Glass and V.D.U Cleaner

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a glass cleaner that can also be used on computer VDU's?

Selden Glaze has an advanced formula that ensures a smear-free finish.

It is free from abrasives so will not damage delicate surfaces.

Selden Glaze is ammonia free which makes it pleasant and easy to use.

Simply spray on and wipe off for a sparkling finish.

Where can you use Selden Glaze?

You can use Selden Glaze in various environments:

Janitorial: For all windows, mirrors, ceramic tiles, chrome and porcelain.

In the office: Glaze is ideal for use on computer VDUs, its high level of purity helps prevent resoiling. Makes showcases and display stands, stand out.

Automotive: For windscreens, mirrors, coach and bus windows, chrome and aluminium.

How do you use Selden Glaze?

N.B. Glaze is a high purity ready to use product. Do not dilute.

Apply sparingly and wipe off with a clean, lint free cloth or tissue.

Do not apply in hot direct sunlight or near a naked flame.

N.B. Never spray directly onto electrical equipment, always spray on to cloth and wipe off.


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