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Selden | Dymagem | Enclosed Cabinet Glass Wash | 5 Litre | J014

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a glass washing detergent for an enclosed glass washing machine?

Selden Dymagem is specially formulated for enclosed glass washing machines.

It leaves glasses sparkling clean and taint free.

Dymagem is designed for use with enclosed cabinet glasswashers used widely in the licensed trade.

How do you use Selden Dymagem?

Glass washing - always refer to the machine manufacturers instructions.

In general dilute Dymagem 1 part to 400 parts water.

The temperature of the wash cycle should be a least 60°C.

Soaking - dilute Dymagem 1 part to 10 parts water for stain removal.

N.B. Dymagem should NOT be used for hand washing of glasses or in open top brush machines.

Do not use on aluminium or galvanised metal.

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