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Selden | Biotrap | Biological Drain & Grease Trap Opener | 5 Litre | C153

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for an automatic dosing product to maintain drains, lines and grease traps?

Selden Biotrap is designed for preventative maintenance of drains, lines and grease traps.

It breaks down and cleans drain lines & grease traps.

Selden Biotrap controls odours and is food safe.

For automatic dosing into drains and grease traps.

Where can you use Selden Biotrap?

Selden Bio trap cleans and sweetens drain lines and grease traps in kitchens, restaurants and food premises.

What is the dosage for Selden Biotrap?

The dosage for Selden Biotrap is:

200-500 covers/day - 350ml

500-900 covers/day - 650ml

900-1100 covers/day - 800ml

1100-1500 covers/day - 1000ml



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