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Robert Scott | Exel Microfibre Supercloth | 40cm x 40cm | Pack of 10


Looking for a good quality, high performance microfibre cloth?

Robert Scott Exel Microfibre Supercloths are high performance microfibre cleaning cloths

They are knitted microfibre cloths, which are ideal for quick and effective cleaning.

The ultra-fine microfibres capture dirt from most surfaces, are designed to create a very large surface area per fibre and are naturally statically charged so that they have a strong suction effect.

In other words, Robert Scott Exel Microfibre Supercloths collect as much dirt as possible in just one wipe, even from the smallest surface crevices.

No are chemicals needed.

The tiny microfibres work hard for you collecting dirt from any surface.

Robert Scott Exel Microfibre Supercloths are colour coded and contract quality.

How do you use Robert Scott Exel Microfibre Supercloths?

Use dry or damp.

When dusting use dry or slightly damp.

The split fibres create static,  which attracts dust leaving a smear-free finish.

For cleaning, wet Robert Scott Exel Microfibre Supercloths with water and ring out thoroughly.

The fibre’s capillary action helps scrape the surface, lifting, and capturing dirt and germs.

If using chemicals, you can spray the cloth or the surface.

Fold in half, fold again to make eight sides or again for smaller surfaces.

Place the  Exel Microfibre Supercloths flat on the surface and apply pressure, when wipe to clean.

Use a different side for different surfaces.

How do you care for Robert Scott Exel Microfibre Supercloths?

The Exel cloth can be washed by rubbing surfaces against each other in water, which will remove the worst of the soil.

The cloth is machine washable up to 60? and can be washed 200 times.

Do not bleach or use conditioner, which can affect the millions of tiny fibres.

What size are Robert Scott Exel Microfibre Supercloths?

Robert Scott Exel Microfibre Supercloths are 40cm x 40cm.

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