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Erase-All Sponges | Magic Sponge Erasers | Pack of 10

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Looking for a "Magic" sponge that can remove stubborn dirt from most surfaces?

These Magic Sponge Erasers, otherwise known as Erase-All Sponges are ideal for taps, tiles, baths and sinks.

The Erase-All Sponges remove scuff marks from floors and walls, plastic car bumpers, crayon marks from walls, lime scale from taps and so much more.

They are safe to use on stainless steel appliances, alloy wheels, trainers and shoes, walls and floors, crockery and kitchen surfaces.

What size are Erase-All Sponges?

These Erase-All Sponges are 11cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm.

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