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Prochem | Stone Seal | 5 Litre | R603

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Looking for a stone sealer that can be applied by brush, roller or mop?

Prochem Stone Seal is a water-based fluorocarbon oil and water repellent penetrative seal for terracotta, sandstone, concrete, grout, brick and other porous floor surfaces.

It does not change the appearance of natural stone.

Stone Seal provides an invisible protective barrier against oil and water on porous stone surfaces.

It can be used on internal and external stone floors, subject to testing.

Prochem Stone Seal can be applied by brush, roller or mop.

It is a clear liquid with mild acrylic odour.

How do you use Prochem Stone Seal?

Stone Seal is ready-to-use. Do not dilute further.

Coverage is approximately 150 to 200m² per 5 litres, depending upon porosity of floor.

Always pre-test surface to be treated before proceeding and allow treatment to dry fully before testing and assessing suitability for full application.

Apply Stone Seal solution by roller, mop or saturated soft brush.

Do not apply by spray.

For indoor use ensure there is adequate ventilation.

Allow surface to dry completely before use.

Do not allow product to freeze.

Rinse application equipment in water.

What is the dilution rate for Prochem Stone Seal?

Prochem Stone Seal is ready-to-use

pH 5

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