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Prochem | Solvex | 1 Litre | A277

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Looking for a spotter for removing Nail varnish, gloss and emulsion paint or varnish?

Prochem Solvex is a water-rinseable, non-volatile blend of penetrating solvents and detergents for gloss and emulsion paints, nail polish, varnish and solvent soluble inks on carpets, fabrics and other surfaces.

It is a clear solvent with aromatic odour.

Prochem Solvex is ready-to-use.

How do you use Prochem Solvex?

Always pretest carpet, fabric or surface to be treated before proceeding.

Do not use on solvent sensitive fibres or surfaces (such as some plastics).

For indoor use ensure there is adequate ventilation.

Apply Solvex directly to stain. DO NOT OVER-APPLY. Use only on small surface spots and stains.

Scrape any softened residues with a blunt knife or blot spots gently with white towel ortissue.

DO NOT RUB. Repeat application if required.

For best results, rinse extract with water to remove all residues and prevent ring marks.

Note: Some old ink and paint marks may be permanent.

What is the dilution rate for Prochem Solvex?

Prochem Solvex is ready to use.

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