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Prochem | Rust Remover | 1 Litre | B198

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Looking for an economical and safe stain removeer for rust and blood stains?

Prochem Rust Remover is an economical and safe-to-use acidic gel for the removal of rust, iron mould and old blood stains on carpet and fabric.

It is much safer to use than strong acid products and does not require chemical neutralisation.

Prochem Rust Remover is a clear viscous liquid with a pleasant fragrance.

How do you use Prochem Rust Remover?

Rust Remover is ready-to-use.

Shake before using.

Always pre-test fibres and fabrics in an inconspicuous location for suitability and colour fastness.

Some fabrics and dyes may be sensitive to acidic solutions.

Apply Rust Remover directly to the rust spot. Avoid over-application.

Allow several minutes contact time. Agitate gently during this time with a brush or scraper.

Blot and extract area thoroughly with clear water. Repeat steps above if necessary.

Groom carpet or fabric to align fibres.

Note: Old rust spots will require longer contact time than fresh rust spots.

Agitationspeeds rust spot removal.

Thorough extraction will prevent re-appearance of rust spot.

What is the dilution rate for Prochem Rust Remover?

Prochem Rust Remover is ready-to-use.

pH 2.5

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