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Prochem | Prostrip | 5 Litre | C501

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Looking for an amonia free floor stripper?

Prochem Prostrip is a powerful, non-ammoniated floor polish stripper formulated for the removal of metallised acrylic emulsion floor polish and light buffable wax floor polish.

It is a floor polish stripper and heavy duty cleaner.

It can be applied with a mop or rotary scrubbing machine.

Prostrip is a dark blue liquid with a mild odour.

How do you use Prochem Prostrip?

Sweep and dust mop floor to remove loose soil.

Dilute 125ml of Prostrip per litre of warm water (1 to 8).

Apply solution with mop, then machine scrub floor with black stripping pad.

Remove slurry with mop or wet pick-up vacuum.

Rinse floor thoroughly with water or C255 Prorinse solution and allow to dry.

Apply floor polish according to label directions.

What is the pH level of Prochem Prostrip?

pH Concentrate: 13.0
pH Diluted: 12.0

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