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Prochem | Powerclean | 5 Litre | D488

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Looking for a high strength cleaner for use in cleaning machines?

Prochem Powerclean is a highly concentrated alkaline cleaner designed for many different types of cleaning jobs, ranging from the cleaning of small appliances to removal of grease from floors and industrial machinery.

Powerclean is suitable for cleaning concrete, linoleum, ceramic tiles, painted walls, restaurant kitchen floors, vinyl surfaces, oven hoods
and any washable surface subject to pre-testing. 

It is suitable for use in pressure washers, floor scrubber-driers and rotary scrubbing machines.

Prochem Powerclean is a dark blue liquid with light pine and mint fragrance.


How do you use Prochem Powerclean?

Always pre-test surface with diluted solution before proceeding.

Not recommended for use on aluminium, wood, carpet, fabric and polished or delicate surfaces.

Use with caution on painted surfaces and plastics.

Light cleaning: Mix 10 to 30ml Powerclean per litre of hot water (1 to 50).

General cleaning: Mix 30 to 60ml Powerclean per litre of hot water (1 to 25).

Heavy duty: Mix up to 250ml Powerclean per litre of hot water for fire restoration and degreasing (1 to 4).

Apply solution by sprayer or applicator, then scrub to remove soil.

Rinse surface thoroughly with clean water or Prochem acidic rinse solution. 

What is the dilution rate for Prochem Powerclean?

The dilution rate for Prochem Power Clean is 1 to 50.

pH 12

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