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Prochem | Odour Fresh | 5 Litre | B124

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Looking for a high quality deodoriser that can be added to any carpet, fabric or general cleaning solution?

Prochem Odour Fresh is a concentrated deodoriser with a fresh clean fragrance, specially formulated for use on carpets and upholstery.

It is a professional formula with high quality deodorisers.

Odour Fresh can also be used for general applications and hard surface deodorisation.

It is a clear liquid with floral fragrance.

How do you use Prochem Odour Fresh?

Always pretest carpets and upholstery for colour fastness before proceeding.

Cleaning solution additive: Portable extractors: Mix 5 to 10ml. Odour Fresh per litre of extraction, shampoo or general cleaning solution (1 to 200, 1 to 100).

Truck-mount units: Add 1 litre Odour Fresh to 20 litres of detergent metering concentrate.

Carpet & upholstery direct spray application: Mix 20ml. Odour Fresh per litre of water or pre-spray solution (1 to 50), spray directly on to affected areas then follow up with normal extraction cleaning.

General applications: For hard surface and general area deodorisation mix 5 to 10ml. Odour Fresh per litre of water and spray or apply by towel
or mop to affected area.

Do not apply Odour Fresh by fogging unit. 

What is the dilution rate for Prochem Odour Fresh?

The dilution rate for Prochem Odour Fresh is 1 to 100.

pH 7.5

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