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Prochem | Leather Conditioner | 500ml | E675

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Looking for a finishing treatment for cleaned leather upholstery?

Prochem Leather Conditioner is a finishing treatment for cleaned leather upholstery, which replaces natural oils, restores suppleness and helps protect.

It contains neatsfoot oil and conditioning agents and it nourishes and lubricates with no greasy residue.

Prochem Leather Conditioner is recommended for use after cleaning with Prochem Leather Cleaner.

How do you use Prochem Leather Conditioner?

Shake well before using. Ready-to-use, do not dilute.

Recommended for pigmented smooth leather.

Pre-inspect leather condition for cracking, stains, cuts or damage.

Pre-test in an inconspicuous location for colour fastness, darkening or texture change.

May slightly darken light coloured leathers.

Not recommended for suede leather.

Avoid application onto wood or other surfaces.

Clean leather thoroughly using Prochem Leather Cleaner.

Apply Leather Conditioner to a clean slightly damp towel.

Spread evenly on leather, allow a few minutes to absorb.

Use a clean dry soft cloth to wipe off excess and buff to a smooth appearance.

Repeat conditioning process when needed to keep leather soft and supple.

What is the dilution rate for Prochem Leather Conditioner?

Prochem Leather Conditioner is ready-to-use and is a tan liquid emulsion with leather and lemon fragrance.

pH 7

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