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Prochem | Heat Wave | 4kg | S778

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Looking for a super-strength powder detergent for use in the most powerful truck-mounts or mobile machines?

Prochem Heat Wave is a highly concentrated carpet cleaning detergent, specially formulated for use in high heat truck mount and portable extraction cleaning equipment.

It dissolves quickly to give a powerful crystal clear solution that is stable at high cleaning temperatures maintaining 100% clarity.

With a fresh tropical lemon fragrance, Heat Wave breaks through heavy soil and grease then rinses out to leave a residue free finish.

Heat Wave"s ingredients will not separate under high heat, reducing residual deposits and clogged wands.

Prochem Heat Wave is a light red powder with tropical lemon fragrance.

How do you use Prochem Heat Wave?

Truck-mount units - Mix 650ml by volume of Heat Wave powder in 20 litres of hot water to make metering concentrate.

Set flow meter at 2 to 4 GPH. 4 kilos of Heat Wave powder makes approx. 120 litres of metering concentrate.

Portable extraction machines - Mix 15ml (1 measure scoop) of Heat Wave powder per 10 litres of hot water in the extraction machine solution tank.

4 kilos of Heat Wave powder makes approx. 2500 litres of cleaning solution.

Always pretest carpet for colour fastness with ready-to-use solution before proceeding.

Pretreat heavily soiled areas with S888 Ultraprep TLC or S789 Power Burst according to label directions, then follow up with normal extraction cleaning procedure.

What is the dilution rate for Prochem Heat Wave?

The dilution rate for Prochem Heat Wave is 1 to 666.

pH 9.5

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