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Prochem | Fibrebuff | 1kg | B162-02

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Looking for an additive to help remove "browning" stains from a carpet?

Prochem Fibrebuff is an acidic powder additive for use in combination with B151 Oxibrite and B105 Fibre Shampoo when removing "browning" stains or cleaning water damaged carpet.

It is a pH reducer and debrowning additive for carpets and fabric, jute browning, tea and coffee stains.

Prochem Fibrebuff is a white powder.

How do you use Prochem Fibrebuff?

Mix 60ml. (4 measure scoops) of Prochem Fibrebuff, with 30ml. (2 measure scoops) of B151 Oxibrite and 250ml. of B105 Fibre Shampoo per 5 litres of warm to hot water.

Always pretest carpet or fabric for colour fastness before proceeding.

Apply mixed solution by sprayer or rotary shampoo machine, then brush affected areas and leave to dry.

For best results do not rinse out with extraction machine.

For carpet stains and fabrics, apply foam only using a sponge or natural fibre brush.

Allow treated area to dry.

For best results do not rinse out with extraction machine.

For further improvement a second application may be necessary.

What is the dilution rate for ProchemFibrebuff?

The dilution rate for Prochem Fibrebuff is 30 to 60ml per 5 litres

pH 4.5

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