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P-Wave | Slant6 | Urinal Deodoriser

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Looking for a urinal deodoriser that out performs any other urinal mat or screen or urinal deodoriser for fragrance?

The all new Slant6 screen from P-Wave is another huge step forward in terms of urinal deodorising technology.

With the same high fragrance load synonymous with P-Wave urinal screens,

the P-Wave Slant6 consistently outperforms many other 30 day urinal mats and best of all will keep walls, floors and trousers dry, thanks to the unique virtually ‘zero splash’ angled bristle design.

P-Wave urinal screens are the only brand in the UK that feature the anti-splash technology on both sides of the screen, so the products cannot be installed incorrectly.

P-Wave are passionate about the environment and that’s why, despite being one of the most fragrant 30 day urinal screens on the market, the P-Wave Slant6 also has a lower plastic content than many others.

Whilst the product is 100% recyclable, it also contains the Ecopure additive for faster biodegradation should it find its way to landfill*.

As with all P-Wave urinal screens, beneficial bacteria help deodorise the drain below the surface and the Slant6 is also compatible with waterless urinals.

*Ecopure treated products show significantly accelerated biodegradation compared to untreated plastics. 

The Slant6 is currently being tested under plastic anaerobic biodegradation testing (ASTM D 5511) and after 175 days there is 15.7% biodegradation. 

P-Wave are continuing the test for an additional 555 days and, based on previous lab results, expect the biodegradation will increase to between 50% and 70% biodegraded in 2 years. 

Final biodegradation results are affected by local environmental conditions.

What are the advantages of a P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen?

  • The same high fragrance load synonymous with P-Wave urinal screens
  • Contains the EcoPure additive for faster biodegradation at landfill
  • Less plastic – Fits more urinals than any previous generation of P-Wave urinal screen
  • Hundreds of ‘splash-eliminating’ slant bristles keep walls; floors; and trousers dry
  • ‘Anyway up’ double-sided design ensures correct installation every time
  • Contains beneficial bacteria to help deodorise the drain below the surface
  • Compatible with waterless urinals
  • Low VOC’s
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to install
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