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Martor | Scrapex Argentax | Oven Scraper | 46144

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Looking for an oven or window scraper with a comfortable round handle and easy blade changing?

The Martor Scrapex Argentax Scraper can be used to scrape all smooth surfaces clean such as ovens and windows.

You can free all smooth surfaces from residue and remains with it - no matter whether at work or at home.

When you"re done, push the protective cap over the blade, and everything is safe.

The Martor Scrapex Argentax Scraper features a unique pivoting mechanism which allows the angle of the scraper head to be switched from straight to 30 degrees at the touch of a button.

This provides super quick adjustment and flexibility for optimum comfort and scraping performance in light and heavy duty tasks, during close manual work or pole work at a distance.

It also eliminates the need to purchase two different scrapers!

What are the key features of a Martor Scrapex Argentax Scraper?

  • Especially ergonomic - A rounded handle, which you would gladly also hold for longer in you hand.
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle offers more grip, less slip, reducing hand, arm and shoulder fatigue.
  • Large blade extension - There is comparatively a lot of blade available for a scraper. The advantage: You can reach between the surface and remains of the glue much more easily and can then remove it much more easily too.
  • Flexible to use - It is very suitable for flat scraping angles. So you can depend on your scraper even in difficult situations.
  • For left and Right - It fits into every hand. No matter whether it"s your right or your left hand. Because the handle has been shaped in such a balanced way, that no type of handling is preferred or neglected.
  • Easy blade changing - You just have to push the blade to the side and take it out.

What is the size of a Martor Scrapex Argentax Scraper?

A Martor Scrapex Argentax Scraper is 165mm x 16.7mm x 45mm

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