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Jeyes | Urinal & Channel Blocks | 3kg | YCB2/YCB3




Looking for a water soluable, odour neutralising urinal block?

Jeyes Urinal & Channel Blocks freshen, fragrance and neutralise odours in male washrooms.

The detergent based formulation cleans as it fragrances, helping to prevent limescale.

Jeyes Urinal & Channel Blocks are PDCB free – contains no Paradichlorobenzene and are biodegradable (Complies with EC648/2004).

They have high impact perfume with odour neutralisers.

Jeyes Urinal & Channel Blocks are water soluble blocks.

Average contents: 150 blocks.

How do you use Jeyes Urinal & Channel Blocks?

Place 1 or 2 blocks into urinal channel as required ensuring the water outlet is not obstructed.

Blocks should be evenly spaced and only be replaced with new ones once the current blocks in the urinal have fully dissolved.

Before positioning blocks, ensure traps are securely positioned over drains to prevent blocks from falling down into pipework.

Re-seal container after use.

Use only as directed.


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