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Jeyes | High Temperature Griddle & Hotplate Cleaner | 1 Litre | C37

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for an effective griddle and hotplate cleaner you can use whilst the griddle or hotplate is still hot?

Jeyes High Temperature Griddle & Hotplate Cleaner is formulated to remove grease and carbon from your hot griddle or hotplate.

It can remove built up grease in just one minute.

What are the special features of Jeyes High Temperature Griddle & Hotplate Cleaner?

  • Food safe
  • A powerful and effective grill cleaner
  • Rapidly removes baked-on grease whilst grill is still hot
  • No rinsing required eliminates grill down time

How do you use Jeyes High Temperatiure Griddle & Hotplate Cleaner?

1. Heat grill to between 180°C and 200°C.

2. Turn griddle off and scrape off burnt on solids.

3. Whilst griddle is still hot, apply approx. 50ml of High Temperature Griddle and Hotplate cleaner and spread a thin coating all over the surface and allow to act for 1 minute.

4. Gently scrape griddle. Squeegee soils into the grease tray.

5. Rinse off the grease and debris with water, wipe griddle clean with paper towel. Wear protective gloves. DO NOT apply cold water or large amounts of water or damage may occur to the griddle.

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