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Selden | Seville Degreaser | 5 Litre | F086 | Case of 2

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Looking for a heavy duty degreaser free from petroleum solvents?

Selden Seville Degreaser is a natural citrus oil degreaser for heavy duty cleaning.

It is free from petroleum solvents.

Selden Seville Degreaser is effective - Simply brush on and rinse off with water.

It is economical - May be diluted with up to 10 parts water.

Where can Selden Seville Degreaser be used?

Selden Seville Degreaser can be used for degreasing engine and metal components.

It can also be used in garages, sevice stations, workshops, engineeiring, etc.

How do you use Selden Seville Degreaser?

For heavy duty degreasing: Use undiluted mop or spray on.

Brush if necessary to loosen impacted grease and dirt.

Rinse thoroughly with water.

For general cleaning/degreasing: Dilute with up to 10 parts warm water.

Mop or scrub as necessary to remove soilage.

Seville Degreaser is suitable for use with suction dryers.

Always rinse thoroughly with clean water after use.

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