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Robert Scott | All-Purpose Wipes | 37cm x 22cm | 100247 | Roll of 200


Looking for a lightweight, disposable cleaning cloth?

This handy, hygienic antibacterial roll in a portable dispenser keeps the Robert Scott All-Purpose Wipes clean and easily accessible.

It contains a roll of 200 perforated lightweight tear-off wipes, ideal for single use on any surface to prevent cross-contamination.

The antibacterial agent in Robert Scott All-Purpose Wipes inhibits bacterial growth and odours on the wipe.

These all purpose wipes are food contact safe, and are made from a viscose, polyester and antibacterial blend.

What are the benefits of using Robert Scott All-Purpose Wipes?

  • Antibacterial agent inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Gloss finish portable dispenser.
  • Cost effective colour coding option.
  • Ideal for single use to prevent crosscontamination.
  • Tested to be Food Contact Safe.
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