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Selden | RA2 | Hard Water Acidic Machine Dishwashing Rinse Aid | C126

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a rinse aid for all water hardness for standard enclosed glass and dishwashers?

Selden RA2 is suitable for all water conditions.

It ensures sparkling crockery and cutlery and spot free glassware.

Selden RA2 has a low foaming formulation.

Where can you use Selden RA2?

RA2 is a concentrated machine dishwashing rinse aid for enclosed cabinet dishwashers.

It ensures streak free rapid drying in all water conditions.

Selden RA2 is suitable for use in all dishwashing machines.

How do you use Selden RA2?

Normally a concentration of 0.1-0.3 ml/l is used, dependent on level of water hardness.

The temperature of the wash cycle should be at between 80 - 90°C.


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