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Dirtbusters | UPVC Cleaner | 500g

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Looking for a non scratch, solvent free UPVC cleaner?

Dirtbusters UPVC Cleaner is a professional paste for cleaning UPVC window frames, doors, facias, garden furniture, cladding and all other UPVC surfaces. 

This UPVC Paste contains unique abrasive but non-scratching compounds to safely and easily remove ingrained dirt, mould, weathering and black streaking.

Dirtbusters UPVC Cleaner will leave any UPVC surface with a professional clean finish. It is a solvent, fume and odour free paste allowing for a high standard yet safe and gentle clean.

The paste contains a unique abrasive non scratching compound and cleaning chemicals which quickly and safely remove ingrained dirt, mould, weathering, black streaking, and cleans and restores colour without scratching.

Dirtbusters UPVC Cleaner is solvent free and has a pleasant citrus fragrance with no fumes or bad odours.

How does Dirtbusters UPVC Cleaner work?

UPVC Cleaner works by simply applying a small amount of the paste with a cloth and wipe over the surface to restore.

Wipe down with a clean cloth and buff the restored UPVC.

Dirtbusters UPVC Cleaner is supplied in a 500g pot and only a small amount is needed at a time to revive the UPVC.

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