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Clover | Vitalise | Daily Poolside Cleaner/Maintainer | 5 Litre | 520

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a specialised poolside cleaner and maintainer?

Clover Vitalise is a daily poolside cleaner and maintainer to control water-scale, body fats and bacteria.

A blend of ultra-low foaming agents and surface-safe acids, Vitalise is formulated to ensure clean, hygienic, slip-resistant conditions without effect on the pool.

Clover Vitalise ensures that all surfaces around the poolside, wet areas and spa baths remain free from soilage and bacteria, keeping all surfaces safe and in premium condition.

It is suitable for cleaning spa baths, medical treatment baths and hot tubs.

Clover Vitalise ia ideal for use in health clubs, sport centres, leisure centres, changing rooms, shower areas and swimming pools.

How do you use Clover Vitalise?

Pre-dilute Clover Vitalise with water according to the job.

Apply to the surface using, mop, spray or through suitable cleaning equipment.

Agitate and rinse away.

Clover Vitalise can be rinsed away with pool water.

It can be diluted with up to 40 parts water for spray cleaning.

Always rinse thoroughly after use.

N.B. test surface suitability prior to cleaning with a solution of Vitalise.

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