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Clover | Tar & Glue Remover | 5 Litre | 704

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a fast acting, ready-to-use tar and glue remover?

Clover Tar & Glue Remover is for the removal of tar and glue from all surfaces that are not solvent sensitive.

 As a ready-to-use thin liquid based on a blend of solvents, Tar and Glue Remover is not water-soluble.

Where can you use Clover Tar & Glue Remover?

Clover Tar & Glue Remover  is ideal to remove tar, bitumen and most solvent-based glue and stains from any solvent resistant surface.

It is commonly used for cleaning vehicle surfaces of road tar and bitumen and removing glue residue from glass windows and PVC door and window frames.

For use in car valeting and the automotive and transport industries, Tar and Glue Remover can also be used for general janitorial and building maintenance.

How do you use Clover Tar & Glue Remover?

Apply undiluted to the surface with a cloth or solvent resistant wipe, ensuring that the area of soiling is fully soaked.

Alternatively, decant undiluted into a solvent resistant trigger Tar & Glue Remover spray.

Adjust the nozzle to give a course mist.

Spray onto the soiled surface until the area of soiling is fully soaked.

Allow a few moments contact time, agitate if required and wipe away.

N.B. Always test surface compatibility prior to use. Only work on small areas at a time.

Do not smoke. 

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