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Clover | Sola Lemon | Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate | 5 Litre | 312

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Looking for a powerful hard surface concentrated cleaner?

Clover Sola Lemon is a highly concentrated, versatile cleaner, that boasts maximum grease and dirt removal.

It is a green liquid for the removal of industrial grime and dirt,

Sola Lemon contains a lemon perfume to leave a fresh fragrance after use

It is recommended to remove grease, oil, grime and nicotine stains from concrete, stainless steel, plastic and all alkaline resistant surfaces.

Sola Lemon is ideal for use in a wide range of industries, including; abattoirs, transport, haulage, engineering, garages, valeting, railways, dockyards, service stations and contract cleaning.

How do you use Clover Sola Lemon?

Dilute Sola Lemon according to the level of soilage with cold or warm water.

Apply using mop, spray or pressure washer equipment.

Allow a few minutes contact time and rinse away thoroughly with clean water.

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