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Clover | Sola-Bac | Heavy Duty Bactericidal Cleaner | 5 Litre | 319

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a fast drying, spray on & wipe off bactericidal cleaner for the food industry?

Clover Sola-Bac is a concentrated, bactericidal cleaner and degreaser with an odourless formula for the food industry.

It removes heavy soiling and kills 99.999% of bacteria (tested to BS EN 1276).

Clover Sola-Bac is suitable to remove blood, fat, food, grease and oils from stainless steel, stone, concrete and plastic.

It is essential for kitchens, bakeries, abattoirs, meat processing, breweries, snack manufacturers, food processing and all other areas where cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance.

How do you use Clover Sola-Bac?

Dilute Clover Sola-Bac with cold or hot water according to the level of soiling.

Mop, spray, scrub or pressure wash with Sola-Bac then rinse away with clean water.


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