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Clover | Inkov | Ink & Pen Mark Remover | 200ml | 712

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a fast-acting remover for pen and ink marks?

Clover Inkov Ink & Pen Mark Remover is a fast-acting ink and pen mark remover designed to be effective against a range of inks and pen marks.

 Inkov rapidly dissolves inks, ball-point pen, felt-tip pen and dry wipe markers from hard surfaces and solvent resistant fabrics.

It is excellent for the removal of accidental permanent marker use on white boards.

NB. May dull or remove varnish & paint from surfaces.

How do you use Clover Inkov Ink & Pen Mark Remover?

Non absorbent hard surfaces e.g. glass, whiteboards:

Spray Inkov lightly on to the surface.

Wipe with absorbent material until marks are removed.

Wipe dry with clean absorbent material.

Absorbent hard surfaces e.g. wood:

Spray lightly on to the surface.

Wipe with absorbent material to remove the surface ink.

If a shadow of the ink remains, apply Inkov again and allow to penetrate into the surface.

Wipe with absorbant material until the marks are removed.

Multiple applications may be required to remove some types of ink.

Wipe dry with clean, dry absorbent cloth.

N.B. Some 'Highlighter' pens may not be fully removed from absorbent surfaces.


Spray Inkov lightly on fabrics.

Dab with a white absorbent material until marks are removed.

DO NOT RUB at the fabric.

Launder the item normally once the marks are removed.




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