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Clover | Defoamer | Concentrated Defoaming Agent | 5 Litre | 445

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Looking for a concentrated defoaming agent?

Clover Defoamer is a specialised de-foaming agent to be added to liquid recovery tanks on cleaning machines

It controls detergent foam from the product being used and counteracts foam from any previous detergent residues on the surface

Clover Defoamer is suitable for eliminating foaming problems in machinery recovery tanks, allowing them to be used to their full capacity.

How do you use Clover Defoamer?

Add approximately 30-60ml of Defoamer to a typically sized recovery tank.

This dosage may be increased if there is likely to be severe foaming or if the tank is larger than average.

Dilute and add Clover Defoamer at minimum effective levels for all other applications

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