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Clover | Buster Extra | Engineers Hand Cleaner | 5 Litre | 415

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a tough but mild hand cleaner that removes oil, grease, ink etc?

Clover Buster Extra is an orange scented hand cleaner containing scrubbing agents for added cleaning power.

It is an effective hand cleaner with a citrus oil-base for extra strength and mildness.

 Buster Extra has been manufactured to a carefully controlled non-drip consistency.

It is suitable to remove oil, grease, ink, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paint, plaster, creosote, mud and ground in soils from the skin.

Clover Buster Extra can be dispensed using Clover's new safe, economical and effective Skincare System.

It is free from plastic polybeads - Compliant with UK and EU legislation.

Where can you use Clover Buster Extra?

Buster Extra is ideal for use in indutrial environments such as garages, workshops, factories etc.

How do you use Clover Buster Extra?

Apply Buster Extra to dry hands and rub in well.

Rinse off with water and dry hands thoroughly.

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