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Clover | Breaker | Concentrated Poolside Cleaner/Descaler | 506

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a highly effective cleaner and descaler that can be used poolside and in washrooms?

Clover Breaker is a highly effective cleaner and descaler formulated to remove severe water scale and body fats. Breaker combines concentrated detergents and acids in an odourless, viscosity-controlled formulation.

Where can you use Clover Breaker?

You can use Clover Breaker as a deep-cleaning toilet descaler for stainless steel urinals, toilets and bidets.

It is ideal for use in health clubs, sport centres, leisure centres changing rooms, shower areas and swimming pools.

How do you use Clover Breaker?

Dilute with water according to the area to be cleaned.

Use at a higher concentration of Breaker for textured surfaces.

Apply using a mop cloth or machine.

Leave a few minutes contact time, agitate and extract as much liquid as possible.

Rinse thoroughly, taking care to minimise any contamination of the pool.

N.B. Always test surface compatibility prior to use.

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