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Clover | Arosa | Fragrant Air Freshener | 750ml | 812

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Looking for a long lasting, highly fragranced air freshener?

Clover Arosa is a ready-to-use air freshener with a sophisticated floral fragrance.

 It is a long-lasting liquid air freshener containing fragrance notes of peach, jasmin, ylang ylang, amber and musk.

Clover Arosa is suitable to neutralise unwanted odours, such as stale tobacco.

It is ideal for hotels, nightclubs, department stores, theatres, theatres, cinemas, public buildings, nursing homes, cruise liners and ferries.

How do you use Clover Arosa?

Spray Clover Arosa into the corners of the room to freshen and condition the atmosphere.

It can also be sprayed directly onto entrance matting to create a top class impression when entering the building.

Clover Arosa is supplied in a ready-to-use formulation, so no dilution is required.

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