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Chemspec | Energizer | Booster | 2.7kg | 103378


Looking for an additive to help boost cleaning power?

Chemspec Energizer is an additive that boosts the cleaning power of carpet and upholstery detergents.

It can be add to any of your alkaline detergents to boost the cleaning power.

This clever product will boost the detergent molecule and increase cleaning whilst chemically altering the soil and oils by adding oxygen. 

Chemspec Energizer can be used on carpets or fabrics.

Avoid adding to specially formulated Haitian Cotton Products such as Haitian Cotton Cleaner as it can stop the anti-browning effects from working.

Chemspec Energizer is the answer for all your severest soil problems, just a small scoop into your tank full of detergent makes all the difference.

pH 10.0 - 11.0.

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