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Selden | Spot & Stain | 750ml | T012

Safety Data Sheets

Looking for a Woolsafe carpet & upholstery spot remover?

Selden Spot & Stain has a Woolsafe approved formulation.

It removes spots and stains from carpets and upholstery.

Selden Spot & Stain is suitable for use on all coloursafe washable fabrics including wool.

It can be used as a single solution or as a pre-spray prior to extraction cleaning.

How do you use Selden Spot & Stain?

Dry spots should be agitated before application, taking care not to damage delicate fabrics.

Spray Selden Spot & Stain onto affected area, allow time for solution to penetrate the stain.

Absorb the stain out by blotting with white paper or extract with a machine.

N.B. Before application always test for colourfastness on a inconspicuous area.

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