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Janitorial Warehouse supply Prochem & Selden Defoamer in stock ready for fast uk dispatch. Need more information on the best Carpet Cleaning Defoamer for the job? Why not call our customer service team on 01442 890899 for free advice on our complete range of Carpet Cleaning Products.

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  • Selden | Break | Defoamer | 5 Litre | C019 | Case of 2

    An additive specially formulated to control detergent foam. Prevents accumulation of foam in wet pick up tanks. A must for carpet hot water extraction machine recovery tanks. Prevents foam clogging pumps and pipelines, restores correct circulation, prevents pumps overheating. Reduces unsightly foam in effluent treatment tanks. Learn More
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  • Prochem | Liquid Defoamer | 5 Litre | S760-05

    Looking for a high quality professional anti-foam concentrate for extraction machine recovery tanks?

    Prochem Liquid Defoamer is a concentrated defoaming agent for the control of foam in hot water extraction machines. It is designed to prevent oversudsing caused by shampoo, soap and spotting agent residues and can be used in all types of extraction cleaning equipment.

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  • Prochem | Contract Carpet Defoamer | 5 Litre | S761-05

    An economical anti-foam agent for carpet extraction machine recovery tanks. Off-white liquid with mild odour. Dilution 1 to 250 or as required. Learn More
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  • Prochem Powdered Defoamer 2kg S762-02

    Economical powdered defoaming agent which can be pre-diluted and added into waste tanks, prior to extraction cleaning. Contains pure silicone anti-foam and inert ingredients. White moist powder. Dilution as required Learn More
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